KTUR Start-up Talks (online)

How to pivot your start-up

Do you live in the Upper Rhine Region? Are you asking yourself what should be the next step in your career? Join our monthly KTUR Start-up Talk and explore how to turn your ideas into a start-up adventure. Founders will tell you about their different entrepreneurial journeys while international experts will guide you through cross-border support opportunities. The KTUR Start-up Talks are promoted by the KTUR project, which aims at strengthening cross-border knowledge and technology transfer in the Upper Rhine region. These monthly virtual meetings seek to instil and develop entrepreneurial thinking in any student from universities in the Upper Rhine region. Participants will actively interact with founders and international experts and learn how to start their innovative businesses. Thursday, 2nd June 2022 13.15-14.15: How to pivot your start-up Speakers: Pascal Rosenberger, Co-Founder eggheads Pascal is an experienced communication professional and the co-founder of Eggheads. The company started as a Tripadvisor for continuing education. Little did they know that an experiment would not only turn their start-up in a different direction, but that they would help shape a new microlearning format. Meanwhile, eggheads makes it possible for companies to keep their employees up to date easily and entertainingly with chat-based learning tidbits. Remy Perla, Founder of Epopia. Remy is a computer scientist who started his EdTech company, Epopia, 10 years ago to help children read and write through a personalized role playing game via snail mail. With a team of 20 people, he sent more than 300k mails in France and around the world. Remy is also investor and advisor for many startups and shares is experience as an entrepreneur in the Youtube channel “StartupQuest“. The event will be held in English.