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News 10.06.2022

Some time ago we held our first event “#trinational #entrepreneurship #beyondborders”. We aimed at connecting and bringing together as many trinational #ecosystem organizations as possible in the space of #entrepreneurial support. 

To get a feeling of how our event felt like and what participants had to say about the experience, our short aftermovie is a must-watch! ????  

To move forward in our objectives and goals, the project’s committee SEMIA Startinsland Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe (FWTM) & Basel Area Business & Innovation, publicly shares the outcomes from our gathering. It consisted of a speed-dating networking part and 5 different thematic roundtables with changing members.

Check out the summary in the text below.

We’ll be continuing our work throughout and beyond this
year. A first step will be to transform existing events in the 3 regions into trinational friendly events. This means that we will support the promotion of the event in all 3 regions, help bring entrepreneurs from the other regions to the event as well as produce video & photo documentation of the event. ???? 

If you’re interested, reach out to us David Lichtlé Nikolai Sexauer and Maurus Basler

#trinational #entrepreneurship #upperrhine #innovation 

Summary of our trinational entrepreneurship event: 

1.Worforce roundtable: 
 a. Enable a win/win situation for startups & corporate employees (e.g. workforce exchange, sabbatical in a startup, mentoring etc) 
 b. Trinational pool of talents interested in working at startups 
 c. Connect complementary (human) resources between startups 

2.Trinational transparency & awareness roundtable: 
 a. Great need to keep regular exchanges – maybe a “conference” (a lot depends on personal relationships) 
 b. Platform/channel for trinational success stories
and offers 
 c. Create trinational “brand” 

3.Trinational financing roundtable: 
 a. Promote/build on what is existing – be more communicative & visible 
 b. Trinational “branding” for ONE region (have
trinational organisation committees) 
 c. Attract money from inside (funding each
other) & outside the region 

4. Trinational attractiveness & visibility roundtable: 
 a. Value proposition: Best of 3 (FR, GER, CH) -> Life Quality, Life Sciences, Sustainability 
 b. How: Showcase success stories, create Regio-Mindset (“us”), invest in new ways of promotion (influencer, blogger), get
governmental support, invest in networks 
 c. Broad, diverse and resilient economic structure (promote this!) 
5.Further problem statements roundtable: 
 a. Identity -> what do we have in common and
can function as a foundation? 
 b. A lead/orchestrator is needed on this subject (including funding & resources)