KTUR PHD Talk: From science to startups / How to build a strong team

News 15.04.2021

The KTUR PHD TALKS are back!

If you are interested in transitioning from academia to the startup world, register now for the second KTUR PHD TALK.



Meet Dr. Richard Bouaoun  (Defymed) and Dr. Elena Gross (KetoSwiss): they will share with you their entrepreneurial adventure focusing on the challenges they faced in building a cohesive startup team.

We hope you will join us!


15.04/ 1 pm-2pm From science to startups / How to build a strong team.

Dr. Richard Bouaoun  (Defymed) and Dr. Elena Gross (KetoSwiss)

Dr. Richard Bouaoun obtained a Phd in molecular and cellular Biology and a master in Business from Strasbourg University. He then joined the Alsacian incubator, Semia as a Project Manager were he accompanied several biotech/medtech startups at the creation. In 2011 he joined Defymed, a spinoff of the European Center for Diabetes Studies, which develops and markets implantable bio-artificial medical devices for diverse therapeutic applications. Currently COO of the company, he was from the very beginning closely implicated in Defymed’s strategic activities, such as the coordination of collaborative scientific programs, raising funds, leading the out-licensing strategy and monitoring the relations with institutional and industrial partners.

Dr. Elena Gross obtained a PhD in clinical research from the University of Basel. She is also an ex chronic migraine patient. Frustrated by the inefficient available treatment options for migraines, her research career has focused on better understanding this common and debilitating disease, with the ultimate goal on improving clinical care. Dr. Gross is particularly interested in the role of energy metabolism in migraine pathophysiology, as well as other neurological diseases and metabolic therapeutics, above all ketosis. In 2018, inspired by her own experience as patient and researcher, she founded KetoSwiss, a Swiss biotech startup that develops highly potent therapeutic ketones for neurological disease prevention.